Friday, May 02, 2008

The dismal science, yes, but a science nonetheless

Hillary Clinton has rightly calld out George W. Bush for making policy in disregard of scientific expertise. And yet:

When I asked Communications Director Howard Wolfson if the Clinton team could offer any intellectual ballast for the gas-tax vacation, given that so many policymakers had criticized it, he said, "The presidency requires leadership. … There are times when the president does something that the group of experts, quote unquote, does not agree with. Presidents get advice and then act, and that is what Senator Clinton is doing." Or, as George Bush used to put it: A leader leads. Even if off a cliff. (link)

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Blogger EdHeath said...

Maybe that helped finish her candidacy. At least the NYTimes is writing headlines to that effect. But Hillary Clinton may decide she has other ideas.

10:42 PM


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