Thursday, July 15, 2004

Remember the union label

Local Teamsters leader Joseph Rossi writes in the Post-Gazette today that Pittsburgh's political leaders, not its unions, are responsible for the city's financial woes. I agree. But what Mr. Rossi does not acknowledge is that, had the city's political class behaved more responsibly lo these many years, the city would have fewer employees, and the workforce, including the police and fire departments, would have been downsized as the city's population shrunk. And no responsible politician should ever agree to a no layoffs clause, which some city unions enjoy.
While I am a city resident, I also dispute his contention that suburbanites should not be criticizing the city or its unions. Let's not forget that if Mayor Murphy gets his way, suburbanites will have to pay more taxes to bail out the city.  I think that gives them every right to speak their minds.


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