Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Grant Street blues

Fester discusses the possible candidates for Pittsburgh mayor, and I respond:

Few of those names bring me comfort. Walko has been a critic of a lot of the Grant Street inspired redevelopment schemes, so perhaps he might be able to break away from the machine. I'd like to see Peduto run but I don't think his chances are great. Pittsburgh is still too much of a rascist town for Udin to win citywide, and Flaherty, Riccardi and Cox would be disasters.


Blogger fester said...

Jonathan, much like you (I believe), I am thoroughly unenthusiastic about any of the candidates who are running for Mayor. I don't know enough (yet) to make any informed decision of whom I support. I am not sold on Peduto, and Udin has always struck me as not a big picture guy, but very good at operational details. So I am still looking for more info before May.

1:30 PM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

Udin's support for Murphy's redevelopment projects leaves me cold. His enthusiastic support for the use of eminent domain for the African American Cultural Center proves irony is dead, considering that's basically how one of the nation's most vibrant black neighborhoods, the Hill District, was destroyed.

3:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Udin is nothing BUT a big picture guy. What shall he be known for, other than some felony convictions and a contrived anonymous (see Howse, Samuel, on any paycheck issued from the pockets of taxpayers)? Well, the Hope VI projects that HUD cut back for lack of, well, honesty on the part of the administration. A monument to the city's civil rights leaders that took years to build and went grossly over budget. A campaign that saw him almost lose to a neophyte who ran on a pro-Maglev ticket (you can't make that up). No. He will always be remembered for his strident, toady support of the whitest, most racist administration since Lawrence broke, then rebuilt, the machine. All the eminent domain proceedings, the boarded up buildings, the stadia erected largely without minority contractors -- all of that will be laid at the large feet of Sala Udin, and he will be found wanting.

5:48 PM


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