Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Our so-called leaders speak

Cynics like me tend to make fun of people who actually act on their beliefs, like Mark Rauterkus, who ran a quixotic campaign for the GOP nomination for mayor in 2001 and is now running as a Libertarian for state Senate. But I'll give credit where it is due: Rauterkus sums up quite nicely much of what is wrong with Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy's stewardship of the city:

Murphy isn't good at playing defense. He isn't good at playing offense either, as his agenda has been a proven failure. And, when he can't play well in either role, the best we can hope for is for him to remove himself and take it to the sideline. That is what should have and still needs to occur.

This is no memory to laugh about and reflect upon as history. This year, 2005, we stay in neutral and keep the back slide in high gear.

Then, what is this bit about Murphy was bluffing? I assume you are talking about his actions in 2000, 2001, 2002. The swim pool closed -- many for good. The kids didn't play baseball. The rec centers still are NOT open. What bluff is that? Is he still pulling the wool over your eyes? Let's not be at odds with the truth. Let's not re-write history so soon and with such absurd stances.

The mayor is still bluffing every second he sits in the Mayor's office. So, perhaps the bluffing from Murphy still in high gear. He isn't leading this city. He hasn't done so in years.


Blogger Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks J.P. for the link and the credit.

The rant about Murphy -- here at year end -- has me hitting the 'save as draft button' more and more. Too much. My reactions are just too much for casual readers, I dare say.

The letter from Elsie that says "Thank you Tom Murphy" is over the top. I can't even begin to pull that into focus.

My outreach should kick into gear again in the next week or so. Happy new year!

5:44 PM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

Don't get me started.

8:23 AM


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