Wednesday, January 12, 2005

They forgot to mention the brand promise

At last, an honest portrait of Pittsburgh in the national media:

Even though Pittsburgh has diversified, and the Steelers reflect this resourcefulness, in many ways the city represents America in a rear-view mirror. The region lost 158,000 manufacturing jobs and 289,000 residents between 1970 and 1990, according to Carnegie Mellon University.

Currently, the city faces a deep financial crisis, the N.H.L. players are locked out and the Pirates struggle to maintain relevance against teams in bigger markets, with deeper pockets.

In focusing on Pittsburgh's industrial past and its out-of-all-proportion devotion to the Steelers, this article was probably despised by the folks at the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and all the other do-nothing groups who wring their hands and obsess over Pittsburgh's image, blaming our alleged "image problem" for our problems. But the truth is that many of the reports about the city by the national media are deceptively upbeat, portraying the city as we might want it to be, not as it is. It's not our image we have to apologize for, nor our past. Those are things we can't do much about anyway. Let's focus on the things we can.


Blogger Cope said...

As of this morning it was the second most frequently emailed article for the Times. My guess is a lot of people could relate to it.

Because, after all, there are more ex-Pittsburghers than Pittsburghers.

2:20 PM


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