Saturday, November 19, 2005


From Andrew Sullivan:

Here's what strikes me as the salient question right now. Why won't the Republicans force a vote on the Murtha proposal - a phased withdrawal over six months - rather than "immediate" withdrawal? If the GOP wants to demonstrate a backbone on the war, let them force that vote. I'd passionately vote it down, if I were a Congressman. But the GOP's proposal is again not a sign of strength. It's a straw-man: as cheap and tawdry as the current GOP leadership. Let me add something more. How pathetic is the credibility of a commander-in-chief that while he is abroad, all hell breaks loose on the war he is allegedly waging? Bush has lost the country on this. It's not the media's fault, not the Democrats', not the military's. It's Bush's, and his sad excuse for a defense secretary.

The Republicans in Congress and in the White House are bankrupt. They have no idea how to win this war, a war they never should have started and that their opposition should never have supported. Honor, dignity and true leadership are everywhere missing.


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