Friday, June 16, 2006

Ethics, smethics

When I first read this, I laughed. Then I wanted to cry:

More than a week past a self-imposed deadline, only four of nine council members have named (ethics board) nominees, and only one of them appears to be valid.

According to the City Code, board members may not hold a public office, be part of a political committee or work for the city or state.

But that didn't stop Councilman Daniel Deasy from nominating Sheraden District Judge Randy C. Martini, or Councilman Jim Motznik from tapping Carrick District Judge Richard G. King. Both Martini and King are public office holders and state employees.

Councilman Jeffrey Koch nominated a member of his own office staff, former District Judge Eileen Conroy. ...

Motznik said he knows what the City Code says, but nominated King anyway.

What hubris. These councilmen aren't just spitting in the face of the plan to revive the ethics board. They are spitting in the face of accountability. They are spitting in the face of good government. The culture of patronage and corruption runs so deep in this town they do this without shame, without fear of the consequences. Hell, Motznik doesn't even try to claim ignorance.

What does this say about the character of our public officials? More importantly, what does it say about us as voters? Anyone who voted for these three men--never mind the council members who couldn't even be bothered to offer a nominee for the ethics board--should be ashamed of themselves tonight. You truly are getting the government you deserve.


Blogger O said...

What did I say about Politics and Good Government, again?

9:31 PM

Blogger Maria said...

Well, Motznik may not be trying to claim ignorance, but I say we cut my councilman, Koch, some slack and assume he is as dumb as a bag of rocks.

9:54 AM


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