Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The idiot box

I found an interesting television blog here. (And here is their take on the year's final "The Sopranos.")


Blogger Sean McDaniel said...

Though the critic at that site bemoans:

"The Christmas gathering in the final scene was almost too excruciating to watch, and not just because we had to see James Gandolfini in a beret. It was just such a hollow celebration -- a bunch of miserable, depressed people half-heartedly pretending to be full of holiday cheer."

I think that's exactly the point. As much as I like the Godfather (I), it greatly romanticizes moblife. GF II strippped away much of the glamour as did movies such as goodfellas and donnie brasco (especially). As juliana's sponsor says, these people are much depth of real human emotion do we think they have? after all, tony let ralphie kills his best friend's would be interesting to see what tony would do if aj would happen to "wrong" the "family" somehow.

i love that the show focused on the theme of disintegration so much this christopher one lives by the code anymore.

yes, there were too many contrivances. Chris's new fling bothers me a lot...especially since he's never really been a goomar type in the past (usually he seems to take advantage of a short term, one time situation) and his marriage seems way out of left field...but the show picked up after about a two year story line maybe we just have to accept somethings.

8:44 AM

Blogger Amos_thePokerCat said...

Hmm, the "House Next Door" blog has the two tv critics, Seitz and Sepinwall. Ok, then there are a couple other critics, an editor, and a crime writer. Then a software geek? And a student? I wonder how they got in the door?

Strange group of people for a tv blog. I wonder how much is duplicated from Seitz and Sepinwall?

10:23 PM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

A very, very cursory glance at the site--I really haven't had time to read the lengthy posts in depth--suggests that a lot is taken from or builds on the work of the critics.

8:37 AM


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