Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No, I didn't get to drive any

I wrote this article for Fanfare magazine.

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Blogger Disgruntled Tool-Room Clerk said...

>"Once you buy one, you always want one," says Curt
>Brown, sales manager at Ascot Imported Cars in
>Sewickley, where a Flying Spur retails starting
>around $175,000.

Yeah, that's what I always say about my Dodge Dart Swinger.

1:16 PM

Blogger Sean McDaniel said...

so wait, why did you get behind the wheel? isn't that one of the perks of being a writer?

1:32 PM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

The main reason was that it wasn't meant to be a review of the cars, ("This Bentley rides like a dream compared to my Chevy Cavalier") and also because of time constraints.

3:13 PM


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