Saturday, June 16, 2007

We could do worse

Newshoggers has a nice write-up on Ron Paul:

Whatever Paul isn't, he certainly is serious and sincere and it's not surprising that this resonates so strongly with Americans who are sick and tired of being innundated with focus-group driven sloganery, written by over-paid consultants whose main concern is protecting their next paycheck and duly delivered by slick politicians whose only concern is their next re-election campaign. Frankly, when I first heard he was running I considered backing him myself, based just on his drug war stance.



Blogger djhlights said...

Ron Paul is not what he seems. He is a conspiracy theorist who happens to be a few fries short of a happy meal when it comes to monetary, tax, and education policy.

He believes a New World Order out to take down America, thinks we should be on the gold standard, has publicly supported militia men who planted bombs at IRS buildings, and wants to not just get rid of the Department of Education but public schools all together.

That doesn't even get us into the other side of his support.

How about this write up as well.

When you get he support of David Duke, the John Birch Society, and neo-confederates some signal flares need to go up.

1:02 PM

Blogger Mark Rauterkus said...

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5:48 PM

Blogger Mark Rauterkus said...

Wrong. Dr. Paul is what he is.

Those falsehoods you want to portray onto him is something that he isn't. Those might be the burdens of others, but not his.

5:49 PM

Blogger djhlights said...


Name one thing I have stated that isn't true.

I'll source everything I have stated.

New World Order: Let's look at this interview with Conspiracy planet. Plus you can reference this interview on Alex Jones radio show (A man who hasn't found a conspiracy theory he didn't like) Listen to the 17:50 point and you'll hear Paul say that the usage of Mexican and Danish troops in the Katrina relief effort was "all part of the NAFTA scheme and globalization and world government."

Gold Standard and the elimination of the Federal Reserve: Read the book he wrote: Case for Gold: A Minority Report of the United State Gold Commission for goodness sake! Read his comments on the floor of the house posted on his own website. Just look at legislation he has brought to the floor.

Tax policy: Beyond the dissolving of the IRS which he stated on the Colbert Report, let’s look at articles from his campaign for congress in 1996 that reference the "Ron Paul Political Report," a newsletter put out by Paul from the Houston Chronicle:

“In his April 15, 1992, newsletter, Paul wrote about a person who had a beef with the IRS and ""fired bombs through mortars" one night at an IRS building in California. Some federal property was damaged, but no one was injured, and the defendant was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

""Unfortunately (the defendant's) war against the IRS was not nearly as successful as Harry's War," wrote Paul, who wants to abolish the federal tax-collection agency. ""Harry's War" was a movie about a fictional individual's battle against the IRS.”

Public Schools: Let's see what Mr. Straight Talk had to say about his endorsement of the Separation of the School and State Alliance in the Houston Chronicle once again:

"The Republican nominee said he supported the group because it sought more parental involvement in education to counter deteriorating public schools. He dismissed the organization's more far-reaching goals, including repeal of laws requiring children to attend school, as only ""theoretical" targets.


Paul said he wants to abolish the U.S. Department of Education and end federal funding of education but dodged a question about whether he would support an effort to end local and state funding as well."

Mr. Constitution wants to limit the role of the Federal courts in defiance of Article 3 because he disagrees with their decisions.

Neo-Confederates love him as well as the David Duke's of the world as referenced above.

He's not what you think he is.

11:21 PM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

Let me say something here. I don't plan on voting for the Republican nominee, whoever it is. There isn't a single Republican candidate I'd rather see become president than any of the Democrats.

I had thought that the prospect of a Paul presidency was less frightening than that of a Guilianni presidency, but perhaps I need to rethink that opinion.

9:18 AM


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