Tuesday, October 30, 2007

DeSantis poll

In reference to some comments on my previous post, we received a phone call tonight for an automated poll for the mayoral election, sponsored by the DeSantis campaign. My wife took the call. Much to Mark Rauterkus' dismay, it did not include third-party candidates.

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Blogger Mark Rauterkus said...

Makes a bit of sense from them. The poll will show them something -- but with one eye closed.

I'm interested in perspectives, wider visions, reality.

I'm not yet sure, but I wonder if the 3rd party guys are going to be the spoilers!

Ha, ha, ha.

7:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No reason to include the third party candidates in the Mayor's election. They'll wash each other out--one will take votes from Luke and the other from DeSantis. They might get 4,000 votes between them.

1:09 PM

Blogger CapitolMAN said...

Surprisingly, Titus North claimed four percent in 2005. I'm not sure who the leftist-progressive vote will go for in 2007, if they come out at all.

4:43 PM


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