Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A rare infusion of courage

Despite union scare tactics, Pittsburgh City Council approves the Act 47 recovery plan. The plan has its flaws--namely, its recommended budget cuts do not go far enough--but it's at least a partial acknowledgement that Pittsburgh has a bloated government.


Blogger Cope said...

I'm still worried. It probably needed to be done, but the Allegheny Conference lined up in support of Act 47, so something is up. Why would a pro-business group support the end of business tax exemptions?

4:41 PM

Blogger McC said...

The Allegheny Conference backed it because they understand the alternative is far worse... more of Murphy. Murphy's policies and plans have already been causing more businesses to leave and causing other business to never consider this region. The existing businesses know that they can't operate profitably in a vacuum. So they swallowed the pill to avoid choking on an even more bitter one later.

11:38 PM


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