Thursday, August 12, 2004

Where there's a Will...

Conservative columnist George Will turns in a great piece today about the administration's bungling of the war on terror. Here are some highlights:

On portions of the interstate highway system, electric message signs over the highway -- signs that usually communicate information about road repair work ahead or the exits for sports venues -- now say: "Report Suspicious Activity 1-800-492-TIPS." But for many Americans, the suspicious activity they think they detect is by the federal government.

In formulating and publicizing its policies regarding homeland security, the Bush administration must take seriously a fact it deplores:

Regarding the war on terror, a minority, but a sizable minority, believes that the government's words and deeds merit deep skepticism. The hard core of this minority is the Michael Moore-Howard Dean cohort of fanatics, but the minority is much larger than that and it will become even larger unless the administration worries about its sensibilities. For example, if a terrorism alert is based on intelligence some of which is years old, the government should say so immediately.

I couldn't have said it better myself.


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