Friday, September 03, 2004

Baby you can drive my car

The Post-Gazette laments that fewer drivers are using the HOV lane on the Parkway North, even as total traffic on the road has increased. (Commuters who want to use the HOV lane must have at least two occupants--the idea is to encourage carpooling and thus decrease fuel consumption and gridlock.) The PG suggests that state lawmakers allow drivers of hybrid vehicles to use the HOV lane even if they carry no passengers.

I have a better idea for North Hills commuters--live closer to where you work. Instead of devouring more and more land for sprawling communities that require residents to drive everywhere for everything, consider living in the city. (You can stop laughing--I'm serious.) Or look into high-density suburbs like Dormont or Bellevue. Hell, even Mt. Lebanon is a very walkable community with a vibrant business district and ready access to public transportation. You'll spend less time in a car and have more time to devote to your family, friends, hobbies, etc.

Just a suggestion.


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