Monday, November 01, 2004

Making a mess of things

As if doing business in Pittsburgh weren't hard enough, now City Council has decided to tell building managers which janitors they can and cannot hire. At the behest of the union that represents janitors, City Council is trying to fast-track a bill to require custodial companies awarded contracts at buildings over 100,000 square feet to retain current employees for at least 180 days.

I certainly think it is only fair to give workers adequate warning that they will be replaced; what I object to is City Council thinking it should have the authority to impose this requirement on private employers. City Councilman Alan Hertzberg said the bill will promote city living, since most Downtown janitors are city residents. Of course, once employers decide that it is too expensive and cumbersome to operate in Pittsburgh, all those buildings will sit empty, and we won't need anyone to clean them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Left unsaid was the fate of the PG's janitors. They're unionized and were part of the concessions-a-go-go deal last year to stave off millions of dollars in losses at the press.

For full disclosure, I would like to know what the PG thinks about Council's position? And does it affect their hired hands?

6:56 PM


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