Monday, January 24, 2005

Are they saying boo, or Boo-urns?

Well, the Steelers game really sucked. I was really excited to see the Steelers get to the Super Bowl, as I was in graduate school in Ohio the last time they went. I was the only person jumping up and down when they beat the Colts in the AFC title game, and when I watched the Super Bowl, I was the only person disappointed at their loss.

Look on the bright side: Even if the Steelers had beaten the Patriots, and then gone on to win the Super Bowl, we'd still be living in an overtaxed, broke, mismanaged city run by a corrupt political machine. So cheer up.


Blogger eli said...

yea, simpsons reference!

10:15 AM

Blogger bkopec said...

as a steeler fan, living in steeler town, i was rather relieved that they lost. i dont think i could take 2 weeks of super bowl stories.

1:22 PM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

I have no idea how players and coaches feel, but I really wish that the Super Bowl was played the week following the conference championships.

9:21 AM


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