Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A mother's love

I haven't had much chance to blog lately, so there won't be any commentary on this week's "The Sopranos." (Try to mask your disappointment.) However, feel free to start a discussion in the comments section.


Blogger Sean McDaniel said...

Frankly, I am disappointed. Your thoughts on The Sopranos (and most other topics) kick start my thinking.

So here goes...I love the theme of these gangsters questioning who they are. First Tony (am I Kevin?), then Syl (I'm not cut out for leadership), now Paulie (you're not my Ma). That blends in well with Hal Halbrook's observation about who/what we really are in the scheme of things...it's all perception and that varies from person to person.

Some other subtleties in the last episode...

Tony's take on the rapper's treatment of his posse when the head man bitches at the guy at the window for not holding up the satellite dish the right way. There seemed to be a look in T's eyes that showed he realizes he treats people the same way.

Phil Leotardo assuming Johnny Sack's old role of playing both ends against the middle. And with a smile on his face. Last season, Phil was one mean son of a bitch. This year, he's a level headed appeaser.

And no matter what the Barone kid said about not being aware of the "family" business in his family's business, he had to know his dad wasn't totally clean. It builds on what Tony said to Bobby in the hospital about hiding behind "the brother-in-law thing" and every man being judged on his own merits. Jason Barone thought he could ignore the mob connections because he was "clean."

And the funniest theme of all...Paulie as a victim of fraud! The poor motherless child.

Good to see you posting. I was starting to wonder if everything was okay.

10:52 AM


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