Friday, July 06, 2007

What he said

About the highest compliment one writer can pay another is to say of their work, "I wish I had written that." That's how I feel about this thoughtful, eloquent defense of public transportation in Allegheny County by my friend and former co-worker Jason Togyer. Jason, however, is not an apologist for the Port Authority, and he does a good job laying out what is wrong with the current system.

Remember, public transportation does not merely benefit the people who use it; it also benefits those whose commute by private automobile would be much more unpleasant if all those people riding the bus and the T had to drive themselves to work everyday. I discussed this previously here. It is a public good and should be treated as such.



Blogger EdHeath said...

I wonder if PAT's latest round of threatened service cuts will have any effect on their intended audience, the state legislature.

12:13 AM


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