Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Here we go again

Mark Rauterkus responds to Pittsburgh officials' concerns that Saks Fifth Avenue will leave Downtown when its lease expires--in 2011. This is a city that can barely balance a budget from one month to the next and people are worried about an upscale retailer leaving in six years. Rauterkus nails it:

Saks must and will figure out where to put its stores based upon the marketplace. The stores will go to places where customers have money, tastes, and in turn jobs and opportunities. We need to make sure government does its job of in the sector of government -- and then the citizens can be more prosperous. And, in turn, the marketplace will respond in healthy ways.

I'm starting to bleed, banging my head against the same brick wall all these years.


Blogger Sherry Pasquarello said...

a little tongue firmly in cheek here, how about marketing little pillows to place between the wall and our heads? hummm???

2:14 PM

Blogger Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the props.

When you stop banging your head against the wall -- it is bound to feel good. Yes?

So, what's going to give out first -- wall or head?

Sadly, many have stopped banging their head against the wall by moving their feet. They up and leave the city or leave the county.

So, rather than a pillow -- how about if we insert the image of a hammer head -- as in hammer head shark. Or, how about Timex watch. It can take a beating and still continue to work.

9:41 PM


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