Sunday, April 09, 2006

There will be a quiz

No time for a lecture this morning, class, just some short reading assignments: George Will on McCain here (for a review on McCain, go here) and Bill Steigerwald on why Pittsburgh wishes it had an illegal immigrant problem here.

Any questions?


Blogger pinkfem said...

Hi, there, just lurking. Nice blog.
McCain has rolled over with his belly up.

10:46 AM

Blogger Sean McDaniel said...

immigration is fine. stags is right. 100 years ago, foreign-born workers built this city into an industrial giant. carnegie's libraries and museums are a testament to that. but let's not forget how the leaders of industry abused their millhunk employees through horrendous working conditions and worthless paychecks that could only be spent at the company store.

today's migrant workers get treated like dogs. actually worse if you've ever seen Animal Friends' new $7 million dollar center for abandonded, unwanted and abused critters. i'd love to see bill's article about the hordes of latino guys in the PNC park parking lots waiting for local contractors to drive them to work sites in the back of pick up trucks.

in the fortunate cities that enjoy an illegal problem, you can always see white guys driving their ford and chevy trucks with a bunch of dead-eyed, sullen dirty immigrant workers in the back, even in the rain and cold. yeah, that would do wonders for the region.

then again, maybe we could encourage them to sing some sassy salsa songs and dance a merry merenque on their 15 minute lunch breaks. after all, a little shuckin and jivin made slavery a lot easier to swallow.

jesus, i'd love to see new people in this town. any color. any background. but not at the price it exacts on the poor bastards who have to groom our lawns, build our homes and pick the stuff for our salads.

I'm not even going to get involved in the "they do the work Americans refuse to do" BS because blacks and whites do the dirty work in the chicken industry and other thankless jobs. The illegals do the jobs because they're easy to exploit. It's that simple.

Stags' type of reasoning smacks of a new slavery. For a nice musical response of that ridiculous line of reasoning listen to the Indigo Girls' Shame on You. All this from a guy who home schools his kids to protect them from all those multi-cultural influences.

1:18 PM


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