Thursday, June 29, 2006

Someone needs to give this guy his own reality show

Pittsburgh City Councilman Jeffrey Koch has once again done his South Side constituents proud. Koch, you'll recall, was the councilman who nominated one of his own employees to the city ethics board, in defiance not only of the City Code but common sense as well.

Now, he's been cited for shoving a Pittsburgh police officer during a fan fracas at a local softball game:

Detective Brian Nicholas, who works in the city police's narcotics investigation unit, was traveling nearby and responded. The two officers are brothers.

As police tried to calm fans, Koch pushed Joe Nicholas and said that Gary Bevan shouldn't be arrested, police said.

Bryan Nicholas pushed Koch back, and the councilman tripped over a garbage can and fell onto a hillside, police said.

I wonder if Koch's constituents are starting to wish they had voted for this guy.


Blogger Maria said...

the bruces, mark, jason, anyone but the one we got

8:17 PM

Blogger O said...

I heard that Bruce Krane was Batman.

11:48 PM


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