Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Taken for a ride

Mark Rauterkus and the Allegheny Institute have some good thoughts on the North Shore Connector, an unneeded project that moves forward even while the Port Authority plans to slash service everywhere else.

Let's keep in mind that while the federal government may be ponying up the lion's share of construction costs, operating costs will be born locally. And let's not forget that the Port Authority doesn't have a great track record in predicting success. Use of the Wabash Tunnel is a fraction what the authority predicted; same with the West Busway. (Of course the latter will get even less use with the demise of the 28X airport route.)

Port Authority CEO Steve Bland says he only wants to hear constructive criticism at the public hearings to discuss the service cuts, but he and other local officials are bound and determined to ignore the most valid criticism of all.

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