Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cult of personality

I received the Pittsburgh Citiparks 2007 Summer Magazine this week. (I don't recall any previous editions, but perhaps it just got tossed in the trash.) I counted no less than seven pictures of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. There is, in fact, an entire page of nothing but photos of the mayor, including a close-up in which he appears to be throwing out the first pitch at PNC Park. Um, what does that have to do with Citiparks?



Blogger Mark Rauterkus said...

Pgh Public Schools has a championship baseball game -- and this year it was NOT played at PNC Park. Go figure.

But, Luke's WPIAL North Catholic did very well. That has nothing to do with Citiparks either.

I have yet to see the book, but I look for it every year. The ones in Christchurch are amazing.

There is a "mayor's trophy" game or three at PNC Park among city teams (softball, little league and colt.)

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