Saturday, September 25, 2004

Get on the bus, gus

I'm a pretty big advocate of public transportation, and I hate to see the Port Authority flirt with making such drastic cuts, but I also wonder whether the our transit system operates as efficiently as it could. Somehow, I doubt it. I question, for example, whether there was sufficient demand to re-open the T's Overbrook line. Based on my own anecdotal experiences riding the bus on a regular bus, I wonder if the Port Authority couldn't scale back some its off-peak service. There seem to be an awful lot of near-empty buses running in and out of Oakland every day. And the fact that any money, whether federal, state or local, is being channeled into a massive and unnecessary project like the North Shore subway line while transportation agencies can't even afford to offer basic service is a travesty.


Blogger fester said...

I wonder how much of this article is a "Close the Washington Monument" broadside by PAT in order to get some additional funding. If these cuts go through, it will truly suck to be poor and carless in this city if you are working a service industry job (no buses after 9:00pm, none on the weekends)

10:36 AM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

It is the same threat they made in the spring--and it worked.

10:55 AM


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