Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Just hold on there a minute, Senator

MSNBC calls South Carolina for Bush, who now has 87 electoral votes to Kerry's 77.

By the way it is interesting that after a lot of obligatory we-won't-make-the-same-mistakes-as-in-2000 statements, all the networks appearing to be calling the states rather quickly, and doing a lot of ruminating over what it means that some states are too close to call, South Carolina being a great example until a few moments ago. Even predictions of a Kerry landslide aren't predicated on him stealing such die-hard red states; most assume he'll run the table of the swing states.

Several Senate races appear to be close; the Democrats need a net gain of one state to take control if John Kerry wins (because John Edwards, as president of the Senate, would break ties) and a net gain of two seats if Kerry loses. The latter possibility seems unlikely.


Blogger girl said...

It did seem as though despite their attempts not to repeat the mistakes of 2000, all of the networks made calls about states as soon as they had as little as 3% of the vote in.

I guess they can argue for the statistical validity of looking at a sample and all that, but it kind of seems to just be an American thing to want information REALLY FAST regardless of its accuracy.

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