Sunday, November 21, 2004

Just a theory

A south-central Pennsylvania school district has decided to teach intelligent design, which is essentially creationism with a scientific veneer. It has no place in a science classroom. Here's the kicker:

Officials will "make sure no one is promoting but also not inhibiting religion," the statement, which was posted on the district's Web site, says. It also says, "Because Darwin's theory is a theory, it is still being tested as new evidence is discovered."

Scientists don't use the word "theory" the same way you and I use it; evolution--which is the foundation of modern biology--is supported by plenty of scientific evidence. It is notable that two of the 20th century's most conservative popes--Pius XII and John Paul II--both issued letters during their tenure in defense of evolution. Faith need not conflict with science. It is sad that in this country, that seems a hard lesson to learn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This happens all the time and creates a brouhaha -- until the issue arrives in federal court, and then the biology teachers go back to Darwin.

By the way, anyone who actually has read Darwin knows he didn't muck it all up to "chance." Why doesn't the NYT mention "surival of the fittest," too, in a final attempt to load the cargo of HMS Beagle with pop-cultural cargo?


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