Wednesday, September 14, 2005

And to the republic, for which it stands

Students should not be required to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school (technically, they can't be compelled, but it's doubtful most of them know that) not because it contains the phrase "under God" but because it is little more than a loyalty oath, administered to children too young and naive to question its implications. I'm not too thrilled that every sporting event in this country begins with the singing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" but at least as an adult I'm well aware that I can refuse to sing along, or even stay seated, should I desire to bring down the wrath of those around me. Free societies should not compel their citizens, either through law or the force of social conformity, to demonstrate their love of country.


Blogger Shawn said...

I agree with your point wholeheartedly but I can tell you from experience (having gone to K-12 in western PA) that such arguments are seen as just so much pointy-headed gobbledygook. The fact remains that we rarely live up to the ideals of our very own liberal, democratic way of life.

12:28 AM

Blogger Amos_thePokerCat said...

Of course, professional sporting events are not done under the imprimatur of government. Just good old peer pressure.

2:27 AM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

That's right, and even though I don't necessarily agree with doing it, I certainly wouldn't disrespect those who do by sitting. Because another thing I don't agree with is Americans' increasing belief that they are entitled to go through life free from being offended, and that every offense must be litigated.

8:24 AM

Blogger Amos_thePokerCat said...

Oh, the other part was about The Pledge was recitting it in schools. As usual, I take a big "L" Libertarian position. The root problem (to this, and other things like teaching either evolution, or ID) is the one size fits all centralized planning government schooling. We have the idea of separation of church and state, why not separation of school and state? Obviously, the real solution to this is vouchers. If you do not wish that your non-atheist non-custodial daughter of a divorced marriage not to be exposed to the dreaded words, "under God", then go to a different school with your voucher.

10:04 AM


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