Sunday, October 16, 2005

RIP, Adrian

A few days ago I discussed the travesty that is the next "Rocky" movie. I now have an update. While Burt Young will return as Rocky's loser brother-in-law Paulie, Talia Shire apparently will not be back. The sixth Rocky film will apparently feature a widowed Italian Stallion.

Shire, of course, is the sister of famed director Francis Ford Coppola, and outside of her role as Rocky's wife Adrian, she is best known as Michael Corleone's sister Connie in "The Godfather" trilogy. She received Oscar nominations for Best Actress for "Rocky" and Best Supporting Actress for "The Godfather, Part II."


Blogger fake name said...

Well, Talia Shire now plays roles designed to reflect a much older matron than she actually is (I Heart-thingy Huckabees, Dunsmore, Pomegranate, et al).

The decision to accept these roles has aided her career, which had been mired in poo since Godfather III (itself a movie that should not have been made).

At this point in her life, I can't imagine she would want to be involved in another Sly vanity project.

She's tried to edge into directing.
Ironically, wouldn't she be exactly the sort of director Stallone would pick? Some cable experience, some consulting roles, comes cheap.

But she would never direct sympathetically the dreck Stallone will write for this one, so she's out.

9:04 AM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

I'm going to expose myself to ridicule and say that I thought "The Godfather Part III" was a good film. Admittedly, it does not deserve to mentioned in the same sentence as the other two films; it serves as a mere footnote, an asterick to the Godfather saga.

That said, I liked Shire's portrayal of Connie in that film. Coppola laid the groundwork for her transformation in the second film, when she decides to forgive Michael and essentially become his caretaker. One of the few powerful scenes in the third film was when Michael tells Connie he gave his confession to a priest, and she scoffs, and speaks of putting Fredo's "drowning" in the past. They both appear ready to collapse from the weight of their sin.

4:41 PM


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