Monday, January 23, 2006

Mr. Orwell, your table is ready

South Dakota lawmakers, in a bid to provoke a Supreme Court ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade, have proposed a bill to ban abortion in the state. In a lovely bit of doublespeak, they have dubbed it the Woman's Health and Life Protection Act.

Look, I can respect people who believe abortion is morally wrong. And I can even respect those who try to use the legislative process to ban it. Just don't pretend that you are trying to help women. If you think abortion is wrong, then make that stand. Don't rely on scientifically questionable studies about harm to the mother to bolster your claims.

The fact is, I don't believe abortion is right, either. But I don't believe that women who seek one deserve to lose their life or have their long-term health put in jeopardy, which is what would happen if abortion were outlawed.


Blogger djhlights said...

They one question that I can never get an answer to when this shit comes up is "What is the jail term for a woman who seeks an abortion?"

It's more than just the doctor. She would be committing a felony as well and no one is willing to say what the punishment should be.

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