Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wait until we get that Gene Kelly statue

It's hard to believe that American cities still have so many problems:

The 2,000-pound statue, a movie prop for Rocky III, once stood at the top of the steps made famous by the original movie but was moved to the Spectrum, where it stayed for most of the last 25 years before coming down in December for filming of Stallone's sixth installment in the series, Rocky Balboa. ...

"This will be a huge attraction for the city of Philadelphia. One that will bring jobs, economic development, and will be a huge impact on the city."

(From the Philadelphia Inquirer.)


Blogger Sean McDaniel said...

gene kelly...damn you really aren't a native...our rocky would be a bronze franco scooping up the immaculate reception, standing right next to dick caliguiri on the city county building steps.

and i really don't care for football. but i know pittsburgh

11:22 PM

Blogger Amos_thePokerCat said...

But what tourist would want to have their picture taken in front of Franco? Clearly, the best know and "loved" Pittsburgh-r to those outside the area is Mr. Rogers, which as of Auguest 14, 2006, had no home. It even did not cost any .GOV money.

12:05 AM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

I used Gene Kelly because there have plans in the works for some time to build such a statue, and a debate over where it should go.

But the real kicker in that post is that a mayor of a major American city can say without irony that a statue of a fictional boxer is going to be an economic generator.

8:54 AM

Blogger Amos_thePokerCat said...

Given how much money cities squander, or abuse, i.e. URA, the irony of a statue of a fictional boxer being an economic generator, does get my heartrate to blip up even one beat.

The lack of reaction make me question if it is really irony? If no one really believes the statue will generate income. Therefore both, the character, and the income, are fictional. Therefore, there is no incongruity. So now, does that make the statue sarcastic, satiric, or sardonic?

10:39 PM

Blogger Sean McDaniel said...

hey amos, like i said, if city officials don't waste money on ballparks, they'll they'll flush it down the toilet on statues of a second-rate film fighter. they really don't think of paying down debt...ever.

as for the statue (or the mayor's statements) being sarcastic, satiric or sardonic...i'll vote for absurd.

11:23 PM


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