Sunday, October 22, 2006

You heard the man

Colin McNickle, the arch-conservative editor of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial page, tells conservatives to take the GOP behind the woodshed on Election Day. He scoffs at fellow conservatives who say that the alternative--Democratic control of Congress--is far worse:

What's the definition of insanity again? In this case it's constantly returning Republicans to power and having the audacity to expect different results. And what could be more stupid than that?

Say what you want to about Colin--a former co-worker of mine--you can't challenge his conservative bona fides. Well, let me add a caveat: Colin and the Trib's editoral page represent fiscal, small-government conservatism with a strain of libertarianism. The Trib has editorialized in favor of gay marriage and has generally been neutral on the question of abortion, with some pro-choice leanings. (Which is not to say the Trib's editorial page is never in line with social conservatives.)

In other words, Colin represents the kind of conservative who lately has been taken for granted by Karl Rove and the GOP in their bid to build a permanent Republican majority. This is an interesting reversal of fortune for fiscal/libertarian conservatives, who once held sway in the GOP and kept social conservatives on a short leash, knowing they were unlikely to bolt to the Democrats.

But now small-governnment conservatives see a Republican Congress that, mired in corruption, is spending our grandchildren into hock on pork-barrel projects; is doing the bidding of the Christian right on a range of cultural issues including gay marriage; and has consented to an expansion of presidential power so great that even Richard Nixon would have blanched.

That big tent is shrinking, and it's fiscal conservatives who are being elbowed toward the exits. Come November 7 we'll see just how many follow Colin's advice.


Blogger Sean McDaniel said...

too bad the Trib crew doesn't practice what it preaces as far as fiscal conservatism. from what I hear (and you can probably back up this), salaries are based on who you know and which department you work for, not on merit (go ahead, you and cope can laugh or rant about this one) or fiscal sanity. unions might inflate wages, but they keep them even across the board.

9:15 AM

Blogger Mark Rauterkus said...

Colin might not vote for anyone. He'll go to vote, but "abstain" I guess.

He and I are on the same page in this election, mostly. I am going to do a bunch of write ins. Russ Diamond for Governor. Tim Martin for US Senate, but I feel worse for the Green who was pegged with a $900,000 bill just for the pleasure of NOT getting on the ballot and having his rights trashed.

Of course nobody should vote for PA Senate, 42nd, un-democratic democrat, name withheld by a mind-bender.

But, getting to this point of today's frustration has with two different pathways for Colin and myself.

There has been a lack of grass roots research and investigation in the past years by those at the Trib, such as Colin. So, the next wave of leaders have not been given the traction -- since 2001, etc. -- to have muscle today.

We've got to grow our own from within -- and the Trib's top boss hasn't gotten that message. Hence, we've got the present where nothing comes as a 'present.' Today's gift is but a huff.

7:16 AM


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