Saturday, January 19, 2008

Second chance? These kids aren't even getting a first chance

Back when I was a reporter for the Trib, covering the city schools, district officials took me on a tour of South Vo-Tech to demonstrate that the building was dilapidated. The plan then was to build a brand-new vocational high school.

But that didn't happen, and they closed South Vo-Tech anyway. Regardless of what kind of vocational programs may exist in the other high schools, city school students deserve a dedicated vocational high school, and it's a crime that they don't have one. Kudos to Mark Rauterkus for keeping on top of this.

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Blogger Mark Rauterkus said...


That is a broken promise. So much for the Pgh Promise.

There was a big-shot administrator at PPS -- now gone but still getting a pay check I think -- who felt that EVERYONE in the district should be GEARED to go to college. No joke.

This is absurd. But, that's what we got.

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