Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another city, not my own

Why do I have the feeling that Camille Paglia has never been to Pittsburgh:

Current scuttlebutt -- a frail reed in this mercurial race -- is that the multiracial metropolises of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia will go for Obama, while the vast rural and small-town heartland will endorse Clinton, whose family roots are in coal-country Scranton. (link)

Multiracial? Metropolis?

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Blogger fester said...

Jonathan --- I think PA-14 (Doyle's district) will go Obama due to the combination of the cupcake class (in decent numbers), and a signficant African American population. Clinton will destroy Obama in PA-4 and beat him in PA-18

4:56 PM

Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

I wasn't necessarily arguing with her prediction, just her characterization of Pittsburgh. Though I think it will be tough for Obama, especially if is his strategy ends up being ceding Pennsylvania to Clinton in the hopes her margin of victory will be lower than expected.

7:34 PM

Blogger Rishona said...

Well it is sort-of-kinda multiracial here; if you consider Irish, Italian and Slovenian "races"

12:52 PM


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