Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hodge podge

This article suggests the long knives are out for the Clintons. Closer to home, the URA is finally lowering the boom on Bernardo Katz. (More here and here.)

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Blogger O said...

Ah Bernardo! Whither Mike Diven?

9:05 PM

Blogger Vince said...

It's just another example of the vast right, er, left-wing conspiracy against the Clintons.
Seriously, Bill and Hillary sold American liberals a bill of goods, and the metaphor of rats deserting a sinking ship is fantastically apt.
And infer from this what you will, but every time I listen to Obama, I'm inspired (kind of like the first times I heard Bill Clinton speak). Every time I listen to Hillary, I feel like my mother's nagging me to clean my room.

12:14 PM


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