Sunday, February 05, 2006

At last

The 1970s are over.


Blogger Sherry P said...


7:59 AM

Blogger Gary said...

One would think! Congrats on the win.

I think it put Senator Specter in a reminiscent moot though?

He has dug up and old law to prove Bush is breaking the law with the domestic spying thing. I gave Specter some encouragement on this endeavor, not that I have high hopes for him to listen to me.

Senator Specter:

If you yourself have identified a law that our President has casually
flaunted to the detriment of the people of the United States of America,
it is your responsibility not only to bring it to the attention of the
Congress. It is your responsibility as a member of the Senate to bring
the President to justice by way of articles of impeachment. As you are
clearly aware, this country has worked very diligently to protect the
privacy and rights of it’s citizens from an overzealous executive branch.
“We the People” are not safe from this President and his agenda’s. We ask
you to do what you were elected to do, and protect us.

I strongly encourage you to do what is right and live up to the standards
of government you are charged to protect and administer; balance the power
of this government! It is not enough to merely criticize this
Administration; this demands a condemnation!

Be the best American you can be, not just the best Republican you can be.
At the very least, you owe this to the people of Pennsylvania.

For what it's worth, that is what I told him. I hope more in PA follow suit.

4:12 PM

Blogger John Patrick Henry (aka The Truth) said...

the 70s over? not as long as gridiron gods such as franco, swann, greene, wagner and other black and gold idols with 4 rings on their hands walk among us. the current steelers are a gritty bunch. but repetition leads to long term greatness. mike holgrem didn't make anyone in green bay forget the packers of the 1960s. springsteen's glory days should be this town's anthem. there are still people in this town who think 3 rivers was a great football stadium.

4:57 PM

Blogger John Patrick Henry (aka The Truth) said...

pleae read my loving tribute to dave copeland's student slum subsistance days at

10:49 PM


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